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Mgr. Tomáš Moravec

Techmania Science Center

tel. :+420 737 247 586
e-mail: tomas.moravec@techmania.cz

The aim of the Techmania science center is to stimulate or strengthen the public's interest in science and technology and inspire children and teenagers to connect their future carreers with technology. Since the autumn of 2008, Techmania has offered technology-focused interactive exhibitions which make the laws of nature more tangible and offer entertaining educational programmes to school groups, individuals and families.

The world of science is like a game. Visitors can put exhibits "into motion" so that the action can demonstrate the principle being presented. Learning is based on personal interaction and experience.

The Techmania science center is based in the southeast corner of the Škoda factory site. The hall is about 100 metres from Gate 5 and 300 metres from the Jižní předměstí train station. The Central Bus Station and trollybus line 16 is also located nearby.



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