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Rychtářka multi-storey car park


Ing. Stanislava Maronová

Economic Department and Statement Coordination

tel. :+420 378 035 019
e-mail: maronova@plzen.eu

The City of Pilsen has decided to make use of a partnership model known internationally under the name Public Private Partnership (PPP). Based on a call for bids, in May 2010 the city signed an agreement with the company HERMOSA Real Estate, a.s. to construct and operate the Rychtářka multi-storey car park. In June 2011 Rychtářka with 447 parking spaces and 1,600 m2 of commercial space was opened very close to the downtown area.

In this case, a quasi-concession has been set up where the city secures the operation of parking spaces for the public, but it transfers a major volume of the risks associated with constructing and operating the multi-storey car park to the investor. The Cooperation Agreement has been signed for a 20-year period, and from the outset the structure is owned by the city. Based on monitoring of the services provided and access to the car park, the city pay an access fee. The construction and maintenance of the car park was paid by the investor. 

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