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Greenways – Sports and recreational paths in Pilsen


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The city’s location at the confluence of four rivers offers ideal conditions for the development of the Greenways programme. The unbuilt area along the river valleys makes it possible to create safe paths leading through the pleasant and lush green area.

Greenways provides Pilsen’s residents with an everyday opportunity to spend time relaxing while also supporting safe options for getting to work, school or entertainment venues. The hub and spoke arrangement of the network ensures easy access to the downtown area as well as the surrounding countryside, and offers alternative options for accessing the metropolitan area.

The Greenways programme is a perfect match with the Revitalisation of River Banks programme. Newly built paths lead residents to the river valleys and contribute to the use of these once neglected green areas in the city. The path system provides access to and connects up with newly built free-time facilities and sports clubs dotting the river valleys.

All paths meet at the confluence of the Berounka and Úslava at St. George Church, one of the oldest buildings in western Bohemia and standing at the crossroads of ancient trading routes. The Greenways network is a modern take on these historical paths which, on a cultural level, recall the significance of the Pilsen basin for disseminating the values of civilization in western Bohemia.

Because the Paris – Prague (EuroVelo 4) and Regensburg – Pilsen – Prague bike paths as well as several regional routes lead through Pilsen, Pilsen’s Greenways must be coordinated with the ongoing development of safe bike paths in the Pilsen region. In addition, tourist infrastructure must be developed in conjunction with the new path network. Bicycle touring is a new, rapidly developing area in the tourism industry and from an economic standpoint is starting to become just as important as winter sports.

Major free-time facilities on Pilsen’s Greenways routes
Zoo and Botanical Garden in Pilsen
Škoda Sport Park
Bolevec Ponds recreation area
Bory Dam multi-purpose facility
Sports and Relaxation Centre in Štruncovy sady (in development)
Sports and Recreational Facility at Božkov Island (in development)

Timeline of work on the Pilsen Greenways programme
before 2007: construction of numerous footbridges and separate sections
2007: approval of a uniform concept by the Pilsen City Council
2008: launch of work on detailed technical studies
2009: launch of work on investment project preparation for the sections
2009: Second place in the Mobility category by the European Greenways Association
2010: At the 5th European Greenways Conference focussed on cycling routes in Madrid, the systematic approach and implementation in the Pilsen river valleys was presented as a good example for the Czech Republic


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