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Bc. Václav Kudlič

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tel. :+420 377 420 791
fax :+420 377 429 256
e-mail: kudlic@bic.cz

BIC Pilsen is a limited-liability company established by the City of Pilsen in 1992 to support small and mid-sized business. It provides specialised consulting services in the field of financing innovation, transferring technology, commercialising the results of research and development, etc.

BIC Pilsen is a member of the European Business and Innovation Centres Network (EBN) and holds a European Community Business and Innovation Centre (EC-BIC) licence.

Beginning and developing innovative companies rent office and operating space in buildings which serve as a business incubator and technology centre (Teslova St. 1 and 7; Morseova St. 5 and 6). The buildings are owned by BIC Pilsen, which is fully owned by the City of Pilsen.

Description of services:

  • Rental of space for innovative business
    • Offices (overall approx 2,000 m2)
    • Offices combined with a testing workshop (four units 100-150 m2 in size)
  • Shared office service (copier, telephone switchboard, Internet, etc.)
  • Conference room
  • Administrator services
  • Consulting and advisory services

Companies suitable for being located at BIC Pilsen
Technology and innovation firms and institutions involved in:

  • Research and development
  • Industrial services
  • IT services
  • Light manufacturing

Strengths of BIC Pilsen

  • Quiet location near the Borská pole Urban Industrial Park, the Pilsen Science and Technology Park and the University of West Bohemia
  • Good transportation access – mass transit, D5 motorway 
  • Option of adapting the space to the needs of the company or project 
  • Parking 
  • Low rent

Examples of companies and projects located at the site

  • Panasonic Europe Software Development Laboratory s.r.o.
    Digital television software developer
  • New Technology – Research Centre, University of West Bohemia
    Investigating and analysing the composition and micro-structural parameters of solid matter
  • MATEX PM s.r.o.
     Material engineering, chemical and structural analyses
  • SMART Technologies s.r.o.
    Development and design engineering for the automotive and engineering industries
  • ATG s.r.o., QC Plzeň s.r.o., Q – Test s.r.o.
    Nondestructive testing material
  • CertiCon a.s.
    Software development, evaluation and testing; software for pacemakers

History of the project

Since 1996, BIC Pilsen has worked with the City of Pilsen and the University of West Bohemia to implement the first stage of the science and technology park project in Pilsen. This phase of bringing the park into operation was handled by revitalising the former military site, and was conceived as a business incubator to develop beginning innovation projects. The space for the incubator was later expanded to include another reconstructed building suitable for light manufacturing and testing. In 2001 the technology centre was completed as a site for companies involved in development. The buildings in the initial phase of the science and technology park cover an area of over 3,000 m2.


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